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“I have always been motivated by my passion for justice and truth, and I strive for the pursuit of fairness with each and every one of my clients.”


Peter is a Junior Partner at Melasecca Kelly and Zayler.  His career in law began long before he became a lawyer.  His father, Rob Melasecca, has been a leading criminal lawyer in Victoria for over 50 years.


“I have always been involved in the law.  My youth was not that of a most young people growing up.  When telling me nursery rhymes and fairy tales, my father would present them to me as a case and tell me that my job is to tell the story of Jack and Jill walked up the hill, through cross examination without leading the witness.  It was a fun game that we often played during car trips, and it honed my skillset from an early age”


When Peter was in his teenage years, he worked at his father’s office as a receptionist and later as an office administrator.  Whilst completing his studies, when Peter was not at university, he was at his father’s law firm working, reading client files, and learning the trade.

Peter completed his article clerkship under his father and has worked beside him as a lawyer for 8 years.


Peter has been involved in some of the largest cases in Victoria.  Peter has an excellent relationship with the Victorian Bar and many leading Criminal Barristers and KCs of Victoria.

The Melasecca name has been known in law for over 50 years and Peter intends to carry on the values that are associated with the Melasecca name and uphold justice in his own way, so that the Melasecca name will continue to be a recognized and valued name in law.



Advanced Diploma of Justice

Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration)

Bachelor of Laws


Peter was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2014


Peter is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria and regularly appears in the Magistrates’ Court and the County Court.

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